How To Beat Winter Depression: 6 tips for Roofing Business Owners

How To Beat Winter Depression: 6 tips for Roofing Business Owners

We all know that winter is harsh, especially when you’re trying to battle winter depression. So, in this video, Dmitry will give you his 6 best tips on how to overcome your winter depression and stay positive through the season, either it be for your personal sake, or your business’.

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00:00 – Intro and Brent Story
03:57 – Dmitry’s Depression Background
07:23 – #1 – Commit To Fitness
10:04 – #2 – Travel to New Places and Meet New People
12:44 – #3 – Delegate
14:07 – #4 – Pay People More
16:56 – #5 – Find Your Charity
20:15 – #6 – Join An Organization That Will Hold You Accountable

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Let the Roof Protect Our Lives

When building a house, what do you consider as the most important part of the structure? Maybe you would think of walls because, honestly, without walls a building cannot stand. Some of you will think of floor but floor is built automatically when you buy a land.

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Choosing a roof material for your home can be a complex job. Although most people tend to stick to the same type of material as their old roof, many benefits could be missed by using this strategy. With so many new roof materials available in an array of colors and styles, why choose the same one as before?

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As far as roofing material, metal has become one of the popular choices in the roofing industry today. It is often chosen because of its durability and the fact that it can be made to look like many of the other roofing styles today such as Spanish tile and slate. Metal roofing material comes in a variety of options including, aluminum, copper, and tin.

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Roofing Contractor and Related Associations

As a roofing contractor, you are obligated to keep up to date on the various codes and safety regulations that are agreed on throughout the roofing community. It would also be to your benefit to be knowledgeable in new innovations, materials and methods in the roofing industry. A great source for information of all types that are available is the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

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