How to grow Youtube Channel for Beginners and Business with @Roger Wakefield

When I met Roger 2 years ago, he had 117 subscribers. Today he is the #1 Plumbing channel with over 50,000 subscribers. Roger will be teaching at Roofing Process Conference, sharing everything YouTube!!! Tickets are on sale now:

00:57 #1 Plumber in U.S.
01:40 “Are you famous?”
03:44 Roger’s motivations for starting YouTube channel
04:55 Over-saturation of YouTube market
05:52 The best videos of Roger Wakefield
06:32 “YouTube makes my phone ring”
08:53 Is LinkedIn viable?
11:34 Should YouTubers push politics?
14:17 Advice for people breaking into YouTube game
19:14 How homeowners can find plumbers
20:11 Marketing trends/Roger’s YouTube story
26:28 Plumbing jokes
28:32 SharkBites: Roger’s take
31:19 Work/life balance conversation
36:08 How successful people get better
40:05 Roger’s influences

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