HOW TO INSTALL PLWOOD SHEATHING!.The .best installation video. Roofing video

I took this video during the plywood installation , hope you like it

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Fit Roof Shingles?

Roof shingles can be used on a roof at any time of year. But, Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to shingle a roof.

Roofing Products – Use Only The Best Materials

Has it been on your mind to put up a new roof for your home? It could be that you had contractors come take a look and they have even given estimates. But these have been way out of your reach because of the price. If you have ever had any roofing experience in the past, there are many roofing projects that can be done yourself. Though it takes some know how and experience, using the correct roofing materials will really make the job a lot easier. You will find this article to help you see which materials would help you the most in replacing a roof to your home.

Commercial Roofing: Understanding Flat Roofing Maintenance

Protecting your commercial property against inclement weather involves a number of critical factors. First and foremost, choosing the right roof for your property is key, but regular maintenance to ensure the structure and quality of that roof is also crucial. Indeed, a properly installed and effectively functioning roof has implications on property operations, improved tenant satisfaction, and even operational costs. As such, understanding commercial roofing and in particular flat roofing maintenance helps property owners and managers ensure that their building is in optimal condition.

Roof Leak or Chimney Leak

Is your roof leaking? There are clear signs of a leak: ceiling and roof spots, peeling paint, the sound of a hidden drip. But still, are you sure it is your roof leaking? Especially if you notice water spots around your fireplace, the culprit may not be your roof at all. In fact, chimney leaks are a common enough occurrence when your chimney is made of brick or stone. Most home owners are careful to ensure regular roof maintenance and inspections, but they may not consider the need for regular maintenance of their chimneys. Failure to regular inspect and repair brick or stone chimneys can ultimately result in chimney leaks.

Should I Replace My Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof With Tiles or Glass?

If the time has come to replace the polycarbonate roof of a conservatory, there are two main types of materials that are available – tiles or glass panels. While conservatories have been traditionally made up of large amounts of glass, more and more homes can now been seen with tile roof extensions, and this trend has been driven by the desire for a uniform style across the whole property (all-glass outbuildings usually stick out from a distance).

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