How to install Roofing underlayment the proper way , why I use 30 Lbs. VS Synthetic ?

How to install roofing underlayment the proper way.
here is a video about roofing underlayment .
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5 Major Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring

Do you find your roof shingles vanishing as fast as a toddler’s birthday cake? If yes, then that is a major sign your roof needs replacement. Below are 5 questions you can ask from your roofing contractor before going further to the contract signing.

Six Tips to Staying Safe on a DIY Roof Installation

Roof installation jobs pose different challenges than most home improvement projects. These unique safety precautions are imperative to a job well done.

A Quick Guide to Identifying Hail Damage and Getting It Fixed

Hail damage is difficult to prevent, but it can be easily repaired if you know what to look for. Seek professional assistance and contact your insurance company to fix any damages.

Choose EPDM Roofing Material for Your Flat Roof

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable. We can have a mild dry winter and very wet summers, one thing you need to make sure is that what ever time of year it is, your house is able to withstand the variety of our seasons. We should all take time to check and clear our gutters and make sure there are no leaks that can cause damp problems and ultimately structural problems.

If You Need a Quality Product for Your Flat Roof, Choose an EPDM Membrane

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time in our lives. The requirement for more space due to an expanding family, a home closer to the office or one with a utility room that gives room for muddy boots and dogs. There are many reason as to why people purchase a new home. The average person looks at 4 different properties before they find the one that could be their new home. Once you have found a property that you think could be your new home it is sensible to get a survey completed

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