How to lay asphalt shingles

How to lay asphalt shingles: Here’s a video about how to lay shingles, hope you get an idea about the system.

5 Tips On Choosing A Good Roofing Contractor

Replacing your existing roof with a new one can cost thousands. Choosing the right contractor to perform the job is crucial to the outcome of the project. Follow the recommendations in this article to insure a quality installation of your new roof.

How to Choose the Roof Shingles Color?

The color of your roof determines the first look of your home. It is important to choose the colors of your home with caution. After all your roof is to last as long as your home and you do not want a mismatched color.

Do You Need New Roofing?

The best way to save on roofing is to address a potential issue immediately. If you have any of these telltale signs of roof damage, contact a roofer.

Signs Your Contractor Is Qualified – Due Diligence Series Part 2

Help effectively rule-out those roofing firms that are unable to document the standards. Ensure a quality job will be completed on your building and minimize risk and unforeseen expense (aka “Change Order hell”).

How to Select Your Next Commercial Roofer – DCI Due Diligence Series Part 1

Replacing a roof on your building? Selecting a Commercial Roofing Contractor? Performing your due diligence? Find out what should be asking when bidding commercial roofing work.

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