How to sell gutter business for $1.5M by 28 | Mike Braun: How to Start gutter cleaning business

Mike Braun: Gutter Millionaire

Mike Braun gutter cleaning business:

In this video, Dmitry interviews Minneapolis-based business owner, Mike Braun. At the young age of 28, Mike sold his first gutter company for a whopping 1.5 million dollars. Is there really money to be made in gutters? Dmitry wants to let you in on some of Mike’s secrets as a business owner, so it’s time to take notes! The two go into great detail to explain what the process of selling and starting a company like Mike’s and no questions are off limits!

01:17 How did you get into the gutter business?
03:24 When did you start the business?
4:37 When did you buy your first rental property?
05:09 B2B or B2C?
5:55 How do you train your employees?
06:34 Any accidents?
07:17 Do you stock materials?
08:02 When did you decide to sell?
09:37 What was the process of selling your business?
13:17 What are your sales prices?
15:32 Do you have any regrets?
15:58 Do you watch Netflix?
16:17 Did you use credit lines?
16:23 Is it hard to work for contractors?
17:30 Builders or remodelers?
18:23 Did you have a mentor?
19:17 Is there money in gutters?
24:11 What were the taxes after selling?
25:14 How much are you charging?
26:29 Does less=more?
27:35 Best gutter covers?
27:49 Advice for new contractors?
28:12 Did you invest in Bitcoin?
28:23 How many properties do you own?
28:31 Who has it better? Owners or salesmen?

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