How to spot a FAKE GURU and to find a MENTOR for roofing business?

How to spot a Fake Guru and find good mentor for a roofing business?
Give a shout out to your mentors in comments! Are you tired of fake gurus who spamming you with their “secret courses” daily? Let us know if you got scammed by anyone recently!

From Insights:
00:47 Net profit is more important than gross volume
02:46 Cancel “measuring dicks” contest
03:09 Learn to be happy at any size
05:01 Show your tax returns or shut up
06:24 Stop being a magician

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Roof Maintenance in the Winter

With a blustery winter upon us, many homeowners are making last-gasp efforts to finalizing their home maintenance projects in order to settle in next to the fire for a couple of months. One of your principal means of protection from winter weather (high winds, cold rain, snow, etc.) is of course your roof. The expectation, however, is that general roof maintenance cannot be done in the winter due to low temperatures and the risk of exposing your home’s interior to the environment. While this is only true for a number of roof products, the vast majority of roofing projects can be started and completed in the winter with a number of advantages to homeowners.

What to Look for When Needing Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Estimates

Leaking roof is really a major problem that should be attended right away by the homeowner or else will cause more damage not only to your roof but in the whole house. One cause of leaking roof is mold that could damage many parts inside the house such as carpets, wood or even tile flooring.

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Metal Roof Contractor

Now that you have made up your mind to install a metal roof in your house, you are now in your search for a good contractor. But how do you go about your search and what are the things you should know before hiring one? This article will guide you in your search.

Things You Need to Know About Shingle Replacement

Our roof is an essential part of the house. This is why we need to take care of it. However, we often forget to check it. We only notice it when it starts to leak. This should not be the case, as roofs have to be check regularly. It is important that you uncover damages before they can result to serious problems. One of the major parts of the roofs we need to check is the shingle. It is important that we inspect for missing or loose ones.

Ask The Engineer: Is It Wise to Choose Cheap Gutter Guards?

Gutter covers and gutter guards can be inexpensive–down right cheap or they can be very expensive. How do you know if cheap gutter guards will work for you or if you really need the best leaf guard?

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