How to Spot a Liar? | 5 Traits of a con artist | Steven Odenthal Case Study

How to spot a con artist? Dmitry breaks down 5 characteristics of con artists based on experience and case studies of con artist in roofing industry who stole from hundreds of contractors, home owners or even their own church. Comment if you agree with top 5 list!
Don’t get waxed!

01:29 Who has stolen from Dmitry?
02:15 Sweet Talkers are good at sales
03:36 They usually talk about their ethics and how they are more trustworthy than others
05:52 Inconsistent job history; never can keep a job or gig for too long
07:52 Lack of references. Despite their claims they rarely have references to support their “success”
09:10 Drama or disputes from previous jobs or clients. They always claim to be the victims.
11:04 Importance of having good product/brand
12:52 Steve Odenthal story

Read more about con artists by clicking on this link:

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