How to video : Installing new roofing shingles on a steep roof , new plywood, good video!!

Hi Youtubers! this is my last video about shingles installations, we do about 2 shingle jobs per week, this week we started this house on tuesday , removal, wednesday plywood installation, thursday and friday shingles installation on the main house, barely walkable, please use your harness at all time, I do this all the time , so I take my precautions before I step on any roof.

4 Tell Tale Signs You Need A Basement Repair Specialist

Upon returning home, you walk into your basement and immediately spot a problem. Major or minor, a problem in your basement is a serious issue regardless of how you utilize your basement.

Top 3 Types of Roofing for Warmer Climates

When it comes to roofing materials, people want to get the best for their money. There are some types of roofing that are better than others, and the cheapest types are not always the best.

3 Pros to Hiring Professional Roofers

Everyone needs an effective roof when it comes to weather and heat, but not everyone is sure if they should hire professional roofers or try to do it themselves. Most people don’t even put a lot of thought into what their roof actually does for them.

Five Roof Shapes And Their Function

When it comes to architecture, style does not always meet function. There are a lot of interesting shaped roofs, but the function of a roof is the most important thing.

5 Reasons Not To Install Your Own Roof

There are many homeowners who love do-it-yourself projects, and many of those people are very good at them. A roofing project might be one that the typical homeowner might want to pass on to a professional.

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