Installing Copping metal flashing ,step by step Video!!

In this video I installed copping metal over a parapet wall , after installing the build up roof system , the copping was installed after stucco was done. hope you like it , please subscribe and share.

Compare Roofers to Find the Right Repair Service

There are numerous roofers to choose from, so it’s important to choose wisely. Use these guidelines to find a reliable repair service that fits your budget.

Cleaning Ugly Roof Stains

Many things can stain your roof. Things such as moss, algae, and lichens, which feed off the organic material found in roof shingles. When this happens, it can cause ugly stains on your roof. In order to clean off this stains you can do it yourself or hire a professional roof cleaner. If you feel comfortable cleaning the roof yourself there are three main roof-cleaning methods that you can use.

Five Essential Roofing Repair Jobs

Roofing repair work is necessary to extend the lifespan of your structure. Here are the most common repair jobs you will inevitably encounter.

Advantages of Residential Metal Roofing

Installing metal roofing offers a variety of benefits for the homeowner. Explore this material option when planning a home improvement project.

How Many Vents Does a Roof Need?

The common misconception is that roof vents are to keep attic space from getting to hot in the summer. While this is true, their primary function is to let excess moisture and hot humid air escape from the home.

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