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Imagine you are preparing to walk into a meeting, and once you shut your car door, a strange man approaches you. This has happened to our newest guest on Roofing Insights.

“Excuse me, sir. Are you Joe Radcliff?”

These were the words renowned business owner Joe Radcliff heard many years ago when he was approached by a man in a parking lot.

After Joe revealed to the stranger that he was indeed Joe Radcliff, soon officers were pointing their guns at him, and he was being brought to jail, under arrest on 14 felony charges.

The cause of his arrest was orchestrated by a prominent lawyer for State Farm, the massive insurance company who had tired of Joe’s persistent drive for the truth. State Farm was losing fistfuls of money as Joe challenged their refusals to pay out insurance claims.

As Joe says, “insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying out claims. They want to collect premiums and deny as many claims as they can.”

The truth to his words is undeniable. Anyone who has ever filed a homeowners or health insurance claim can attest to the fact that these occurrences are never fun. At Roofing Insights, we’ve exposed how corrupt certain insurance companies can be. And Joe will be one of the first to support this claim.

Years ago, Joe’s name was publicized and even covered by CNN during legal entanglements that severely damaged his bottom line. Fortunately, he had the truth on his side, but he still ended up accepting a plea deal from the state of Indiana. To paraphrase the terms of the bargain, for the 14 charges brought against Joe to be dropped, he had to accept responsibility and then ensure the state that he would “stay out of trouble” for the next two years.

“I almost threw a chair through the window,” Joe recalls, describing his feelings after his lawyers hit him with the plea deal’s terms.

Begrudgingly, Joe acted on his lawyer’s advice and accepted the deal, giving him his life back. Had he not accepted the deal, his life could have gotten very complicated because taking on a corporate enterprise like State Farm or the state of Indiana is no small task.

But things have worked out just fine since the debacle.

A bit about Joe Radcliff: he once was a rockstar salesman for a roofing company before getting scammed out of $80,000. “I told myself I would never work for someone again,” he says, “And from that day on I never did.”

This led Joe to build his own roofing company, which over the years resulted in ancillary projects that continued to net him high profits. He now does a bit of consulting as well as keep his focus on benefitting the consumer. What separates Joe from some business owners is that his bottom line does not supersede honor and integrity, two characteristics that were not always prioritized in his life.

While Roofing Insights’ interview with Joe did not go into specifics about his past, it can be inferred that he at one point in his life overindulged in alcohol. He uses the word “narcissistic” to describe that period of his life, one that made him a lot of money, but created a schism between him and his family.

He later credits his family when Dmitry asks him about what he deems to be his biggest achievements in life. For a man who has been successful, it’s clear Joe has entered a new phase of life. Let’s call it the mogul stage, where now his goals revolve around family and maintaining happiness. He isn’t as hungry for material success as he once was.

00:41 – Background with State Farm
03:21 – Misspelling Marketing
04:57 – Continue Background with State Farm
08:37 – Getting Arrested
10:16 – Start of Defamation
12:52 – Hiring Lawyers
13:43 – State Farm Bribery
14:33 – Storm Damage to Vandalism
15:28 – State Farm Fraud
16:34 – Jail Time and News Coverage
17:02 – Deferment
18:00 – State Farm Suing
19:25 – Countersuit
20:17 – Contract Checks
20:56 – New Company In A Different Name
21:48 – Length of Lawsuit
22:32 – Moving To Florida
23:38 – Relationship With Paramount / New Ventures
31:04 – What Happened to NIRC?
36:09 – MadSky, etc.
48:49 – What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment? / Family
53:10 – Advice for New Business Comers Making A Lot Of Money
55:35 – Advice for Working Too Many Hours
58:44 – Surviving and Excelling
01:00:38 – Is It Better To Be An Owner or Rockstar Sales Rep?
01:06:06 – Best Job Of All Time?
01:06:22 – What Are You Doing To Further Your Education?
01:08:14 – Outro

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