LC Nussbeck, Founder of Madsky: “Roofing is not for Snowflakes” | Roofing Insights

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00:18 LC and Dmitry agree to respect each other during interview
01:35 Story behind LC’s name
02:49 LC’s job history
06:40 How LC’s time in Canada benefitted him
11:15 CRAZY sales story…
14:33 … and then a monster was created
16:18 Fighting to survive in roofing business
18:02 LC: entrepreneur first; roofer second
19:17 Sales philosophies
22:23 Should business owners split profits?
24:36 Inception of MadSky
28:49 Dmitry and LC explain how storm chasers work with local companies
33:33 Overcoming objections as a storm chaser
37:24 How MadSky got its name
39:45 “The roofing industry is sloppy”
47:11 Insurance companies confound Dmitry
51:14 Is LC a sellout?
53:08 Xactimate’s effect on industry
56:26 LC’s thoughts on appraisers and public adjusters
1:03:45 Dmitry challenges MadSky’s business model (part one)
1:08:58 Making money vs helping contractors
1:14:20 Dmitry challenges MadSky’s business model (part two)
1:20:33 LC sold MadSky because…
1:21:22 How big is MadSky’s presence?
1:25:34 Easier to build MRP program or contracting business?
1:27:07 Roofing companies have no leverage when dealing with insurance companies
1:29:12 How to get referrals from insurance companies
1:36:24 Value of “marketing jobs”
1:41:52 Ideal size for a business
1:44:01 Most hate LC’s ever received
1:46:24 How LC reacts to death threats
1:48:23 Theft is inevitable
1:52:32 Advice to homeowners with hail damage
1:53:06 “Life’s tough. Roofing is tougher.”
1:56:42 What’s next for LC?

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Advantages of Using Metal Roofing

Home roofing is an important part of your home building or restoration process. Finally it is the roof which is going to be noticed by onlookers, so it will have profound effect on the image and popularity of the house. A good roof looks good on the house and gives a perfect image makeover.

Tips for Hiring an Efficient Residential Roofing Contractor

Is your roof worn out? Are you planning to put a new roof for your home? Does your roof require repair?

Learning About The Cost Of A New Roof

How much does a new roof cost? This is a common enough question on forums and discussion boards. Roofs are long-term investments which according to manufacturers can last 20, 30 or years. Most roofs fail much before that and need replacement.

Roof Replacement Cost Per Square – How Much To Pay For Roof Replacement?

We will be discussing roof replacement cost per square in this report. Roofs that have been installed well and are cared for properly will last long, but most have problems and need repairs several times during their life-time. Shingles curl, break, warp, rot or crack due to various reasons. It might be the weather or simply the age factor. Once, this happens it needs replacement as soon as possible.

Calculate Roof Replacement Costs Following These Steps

Following the steps outlined below to calculate roof replacement costs will help you arrive at the cost quickly and easily. The most important step to find the roof replacement cost is the area of the roof. Typically the roofs with moderate slopes are double the floor area of the home. So, if you have 1,200 square foot home your roof will measure around 2400 square foot. With the roofing area know it is easy to calculate the amount of roofing materials like shingles needed.

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