Lee Haight: Grant Cardone of Roofing Industry on Sales Consulting, Flat Earth and Personal Demons

Haight on Roofing, Grant Cardone, Sky Diamonds University, Consulting, Flat Earth, Justin Parker, Personal Demons

00:50 Where do you delegate most of your time?
01:57 What’s your role in the businesses?
02:17 Are you in charge who gets hired or are you the HR person?
02:42 How does your team look at you?
03:10 Do you fire people?
03:30 Why aren’t you good at it?
03:43 How would you fire me?
05:02 Why can’t an HR Person do your recruiting campaigns?
05:17 Are you a micromanager?
06:30 Where do you see the roofing industry in 5 years?
07:57 What’s your take on MPR Programs?
08:12 LC MadSky
09:03 3C
09:48 Working with insurance companies
10:33 “I’m a leads machine”
10:48 Do you think there will be more companies like MadSky?
11:28 Where do you see insurance trends going?
11:57 Storm chasers
12:29 Minnesota
12:55 Have you ever installed a roof?
16:01 What’s your favorite social media?
16:42 Who’s the last person you’ve fired?
17:15 When was the last time you made the decision to fire someone?
18:11 “Throwing dirt around on the internet”
19:04 “Let’s party. Let’s fight”
21:10 What are your thoughts on profit sharing?
22:01 Where’s the leverage on profit sharing?
22:20 McDonald’s won’t share how much profit they make off a burger
23:00 Free book
25:20 When was the first time you went in front of a judge for business?
26:16 Best ad that made you the most money?
28:30 What’s your take on call centers?
28:54 Josè (Latin Air-force)
29:05 Joe
29:26 2 types of leads
29:56 Have you used (Best Storm Leads)?
30:36 What’s your personal record for selling roofs?
32:00 How many deductibles have you waved?
33:16 Grant Cardone or Gary Vee?
35:06 “I am Tony Soprano”
35:15 Is the earth flat?
35:24 Justin Parker
37:47 We live in a culture where people like to character assassinate
38:18 Did you buy Bitcoin?
39:09 Have you been scammed?
40:25 How much did you spend on marketing last year?
41:59 3 Kings roofing
43:00 Recruits
45:34 What’s the turnover rate?
47:17 Taylor (door to door legend)
47:48 How much stress would you say you have?
48:28 Ford vs Ferrari
49:29 “My wife accepted the fact that I’m a lunatic”
50:20 Work/life balance
51:40 I won’t go out without my wife
55:10 I want to be the Grant Cardone of roofing
55:05 “I’m an American. I’m a capitalist pig”
55:50 Building a brand
57:00 Micromanaging
57:44 How much does one need to start a roofing business?
59:15 How do you come up with the price for your university?
1:01:19 Free book
1:03:20 CRM
1:04:25 If someone buys a $60K a year product, and they don’t use your school, how do you go about it?
1:06:17 What’s next?
1:11:30 Write a question down in the comments. Also, what’s a reasonable price for business schools?

In this video we sat down with Lee Haight, owner of multiple businesses and avid fisherman (peep the shorts) to talk about everything roofing and so much more. Lee currently runs a 50-million-dollar business out of Naples, Florida and through his hard work and dedication currently supports over 150 families by doing so. Lee prides himself on stating that he owns the best roofing company in the industry coupled with the ultimate coaching program. While currently spending over 15,000 a month on personal coaches and development, Lee’s greatest passion is elevating others through his mentorship program known as Sky Diamonds University.

Lee Haight’s Book from this video ~ https://contractinggrowthsecrets.com/free


Leave us a comment below on what your experience with Lee has been or what we should ask him next time around!

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