Low slope roof with shingles.

This Video is about how to install shingles on a low slope, 3/12 , please take your precautions and check the whole roof before deciding what to do, hope this video helps you in your decision.
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Homeowners Guide for Choosing a Building Contractor

As a home owner you probably know that your roof will not stay forever and will require to be changed sometime sooner or later. It is therefore important for you to know the simple procedure of choosing the professional who will replace your roof when it is time to do so.

Choosing a Roof for Your Garage

You would probably be very surprised to learn of the variety of garage roofing options available today. In the past, a garage was typically a component or extension of a home, but modern garages can be purpose built and may be fully detached from your home. When choosing a roof for your garage, you want to consider performance, appearance, local regulations, and your budget. This overview of garage roofing options will help you choose the best roof for your garage.

What to Do When Your Roof Is Leaking

When times are hard economically like they are, a leaking roof is one of the things that can greatly depress any homeowner. Thinking about replacing your roof when money is in short supply can harass you. There is every reason to look for a different way of dealing with water intrusion in your home until you are able to replace the roof eventually. You can look for a way to do some repairs in order to save the situation but after considering some important things.

Your Guide to Different Types of Roofing Materials

If you are planning to renovate your house there is no doubt that replacing the roof is one of the things you will have to do. Choosing what type of roof to put on the house will require some delicate balance between aesthetic and practical decisions.

Five Questions to Ask a Professional Roofer

Roofing is not normally a process that most homeowners are familiar with until they notice that they need their roof repaired, renovated, or even new roof. Even when homeowners become familiar with the process, there is still a lot to learn about the product itself. For homeowners, it is critical to know that they can rely on their chosen contractor to give them sound advice about the product and procedure. The key is finding the right contractor for the job. There are five questions that you should ask, and the contractor should be happy to assist you with them.

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