Malarkey, Atlas, Tamko, IKO, Certanteed, Owens Corning, GAF, Pabco

Malarkey, Atlas, Tamko, IKO, Certanteed, Owens Corning, GAF, Pabco Online Reputation
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Who makes the best shingle?

Last week, Dmitry, the Founder, and CEO of Roofing Insights embarked on a finding mission on who makes the best shingle in the market in 2017. On the review table, there are Malarkey’s Vista, Iko’s Cambridge True, Certainteed’s Landmark, Tamko’s Heritage, Owens Corning’s Duration, Atlas’ Pinnacle Pristine, and Pabco’s Premier shingles. Dmitry will take 2 months to review the shingles. Every week, Roofing Insights will upload a video of the comparison.

Manufacturers that are not yet on the board can still join by sending their shingle products. This week, Dmitry looks at the remarks of the accredited boards on the shingles, what the roofers are saying, and how the social media rate them.

Every company under the comparison chart has complaints, and none of them has a Five Star review, but they maintained a good review. Atlas’ Pinnacle tops the competition list with a positive review of 4.6 Star on Facebook. It also banged A+ at BBB with eight positive reviews. However, Atlas has 79 complaints on BBB. Pabco’s Premier Shingle follows Atlas with 4.5 Star on Facebook. It has A+ on BBB rating with no reviews at all but has one complaint on BBB. In fact, both Atlas and Pabco were bold to publish their reviews online. Others were shy. Malarkey’ Vista is another strong competitor in the market.
It is an A+ BBB rated, but has no reviews on BBB. It has three complaints. Sometimes, they say no mail is good mail in America.
Similarly, CertainTeed’s Landmark is A+ on BBB. It has 26 complaints and three negative reviews. On the other hand, Tamko’s Heritage has B+ on BBB; it has six negative reviews and 49 complaints. Heritage has no Facebook review at all. Although Owens Corning’s Duration is A+ BBB, it has 69 complaints. Duration has no Facebook review. Also, Iko’s Cambridge shingle has no review on Facebook and BBB, but it has nine complaints and holds A+ BBB rating. The review simply offers an insight of how the consumer sees them. Roofing Insights understands many variables may impact the reviews such as popularity, market, and rumors. For instance, a small company may not attract as many reviews as bigger companies. But what Dmitry has done here gives an overview of consumers’ opinions on the products in the market and encourage the company to do better.

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