MARCUS SHERIDAN on door knocking, SEO, profits, embezzlement, Roofing Insights Interview

In comes Marcus Sheridan to the Roofing Process Conference with his blue jacket and jeans, a celebrated keynote speaker who has been ranked by Forbes as one of the top 20 speakers in the world.

Before he goes on stage for his presentation, Dmitry interviews him for stories regarding his journey and some of his business philosophies.

Sheridan’s journey begins as a young man, when him and a group of friends decided to open a store dedicated exclusively to selling pools.

“What a waste of talent,” Sheridan recalls hearing from a family member, but Sheridan has done far more than let his god-given abilities go to waste.

Not only is he a renowned speaker, he is also the author of They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer, a book that is in the top 100 on Amazon’s list of best SEO-related books.

Like most, to get to where he is at today, there were challenges for Sheridan. A few years back, he was dealing with an employee who was embezzling $300,000 from him. This led to legal entanglements both with police, but also with the IRS, who was not cutting Sheridan any breaks despite his employee’s malfeasance.

“I was aloof on the books,” Sheridan explains of the situation, taking responsibility for a problem that could have been avoided had he not invested so much goodwill into his employee.

At the time, he outsourced control over his accounting because he deemed it one of his weaknesses. Now, Sheridan is much more clued in to how his numbers look, so discrepancies like the one from years ago don’t go unnoticed.

“If people want to steal, they will find a way to steal,” Dmitry assures Sheridan, then sharing an instance where he too was stolen from by an employee who continually asked for advances.

Keeping track of the books is one way to ensure a healthy business, as well as refining the purpose your business.

Sheridan talks about the need to specialize in a market that craves expertise. This is ultimately what saved Sheridan’s business after the 2008 financial crisis. He stopped selling many kinds of pools and instead honed in on a specific type. This consequently established him as the go-to-guy in his respective field, a vision that has proven successful.

But along with specificity came another vision: online content. Sheridan is one of the founding fathers of marketing through online content.

Sheridan himself sacrificed countless hours of sleep in order to learn how to market his company. Much like Roofing Insights, his company evolved to be about more than just roofing.

Sheridan explains the need for business owners to make content, even if they think they can’t do online creation.

“Are you good with people?” Sheridan rhetorically asks, following that up by saying anyone who can talk in person can talk to a camera.

The camera should be seen as a potential client. No one would turn down a potential client, so why turn down the camera?

A great place to start is to devote 10 hours a week to learning how to create content, and then eventually implementing this content into your marketing strategy.

For those still into door-knocking, Sheridan doesn’t discount that strategy either. He spent two years doing missionary work in South America, which put him through the ringer, in terms of receiving backlash toward his efforts. But those experiences hardened him, and taught him the value of a smile and positive attitude.

The great thing about door-knocking is that going to homes is free leads, and if your company doesn’t have a system to generate quality leads, then you better consider door-knocking as a viable strategy.

0:45 – Who is Marcus Sheridan?
1:26 – What’s bigger, your pool company or agency/marketing company?
3:45 – What are your weaknesses in business?
4:05 – Marcus Sheridan on getting embezzled, and the IRS
8:22 – How do you learn to trust your accountant?
9:30 – What will it take for a new company to start dominating the industry within the first year?
12:10 – Dmitry & Marcus share thoughts on making videos.
13:59 – How much should a small business spend on marketing?
15:55 – Have you ever done door knocking?
16:56 – What’s your biggest business accomplishment?
18:20 – What’s your advice for someone just starting in the construction business or business in general?
20:28 – Do you agree with the idea that sales fix everything?

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