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From Insights:
00:17 Hook Agency can help you brand through SEO
02:16 Is Adam Sand a marketer?
03:37 Sand is a great sales manager
05:06 Where to find quality salespeople
08:11 Most underrated app for roofers
11:28 Facebook marketing in 2021
15:52 Will people buy from Facebook?
20:19 Is TikTok a good platform?
23:03 Sand’s take on Facebook deleting Trump’s account
24:50 True costs of marketing in roofing
30:23 Can companies grow without marketing?
37:44 Why are roofers depressed?
42:52 Buy the book Traction from the Roofing Insights Amazon page
44:40 How roofers should educate themselves
45:35 Biggest mistakes roofers make
46:41 How roofers can take advantage of social media
49:26 Best business size for roofing companies
50:56 Best profit margins Sand has seen
52:02 Sand’s favorite marketing ad in roofing
53:58 Growth hacks for business owners in 2021
59:40 Best roofing markets
01:00:20 Why don’t big marketing companies deliver?
01:06:37 Advice for homeowners
01:10:00 Advice for new roofing business owners
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