Metal Roofing Installation: Tilcor Roof System | Roofing Insights

How to install Metal Roof | Tilcor Roofing System | Roofing Insights
Dmitry visits Roofing Center in Salt Lake City and learns how to install Tilcor Roofing System
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From Insights:
00:10 Dmitry will install a metal roof
03:50 Tilcor has a unique starter shingle
06:54 Metal shingles mitigate ice damning
08:49 Tilcor is based in New Zealand
12:02 Dmitry cuts metal; “gloves are for girls”
13:14 Getting on the roof
14:53 Metal roofs are a lifestyle
18:41 Dmitry goes to work
20:55 Welcome back Chris Danielson!
21:36 Meet a few other roofers
24:33 Are metal roofs popular?
25:44 Marketing metal roofs
27:45 Dmitry is back at it!
28:34 Average ticket price of a metal roof
30:06 Final words

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