Mike Michalowicz Roofing process conference invitation


Mike Michalowicz invites you to roofing process conference in December in Orlando. Get your tickets here: https://roofconference.com

Cleaning a Roof the Non Aggressive Way

Cleaning a roof should not damage it. The best way to do that is to choose the right wash, and apply it liberally.

Guttering – Types Of Rain Gutters For Gutter Installation

After considering all the other areas in home improvement such as carpet installation, flooring, siding installation, you should not forget this one most important aspect of roofing – gutter installation. Guttering is responsible to keeping rainwater away from your house. Gutters need to be carefully chosen and properly installed to perform well. If gutters are clogged, it will hold rainwater which will have the tendency to overflow later on.

Why Metal Roofing Is the Best Choice?

The roof provides the best protection for your house and to make it safe is your responsibility. There are many choices available for having a roof for your house but the best one which I would suggest is the Metal roof. This type of roof offers many kind of advantages and the best ones are discussed below…

Do I Need a New Roof or Not?

Summer of 2010 brought a lot of interesting weather to Montana, we saw everything from late snow to extreme heat. The one storm that left the biggest impact on everyone was the hail storm that left cars dented, windows shattered and of course a ton of siding and roof damage. I learned quite a bit about roof damage and what the criteria for an insurance claim are this past year.

The 4 Dispelled Myths in Metal Roof

Among the roofing industry, metal roofs are undeniably by far, the most popular today. It has grown even more popular because of its powerful characteristics such as strength, longevity, durability, and vogue and energy efficiency. However, amidst these characteristics are proliferating, underrated, untrue and unfounded myths which we are going to dispel and justify here.

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