Mosaic Financing: #1 Lender for Solar and Home Efficiency Upgrades in the Roofing Industry

Mosaic: #1 Lender for Solar and Home Efficiency Upgrades in the Roofing Industry

In this video we take a look at a roofing lending/financing group called Mosaic. Mosaic specializes in offering homeowners financing with their solar needs or upgrades. With funding over 1 billion dollars in loans last year alone, Mosaic isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon. Check out their website below for more information:

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The Advantages Of Inspecting Your Roofing System

Having a properly working roofing system along with vinyl siding properly installed, and replacement windows are very important to your home. Normally your home is your biggest investment that you have in your lifetime and you want to make sure that you keep it up to date. With proper care and repairs to the items that need attention you can keep your home working properly and your curb appeal beautiful.

Gutter Improvement Tips

Not many homeowners give serious thought to their gutters until a problem arises. With all the areas to be concerned about it’s easy to see why the roof drain system is overlooked but keeping your gutters in good condition and free from debris including pollen, tree leaves and branches is essential for the overall maintenance of the roof. Unless you want costly repairs and expensive replacement systems follow a few easy tips to keep your drain pipes free from debris and working smooth.

Learn The Reasons Why You May Need A Roof Replacement

No matter what type of roofing system your home has, it is still a great idea to have your home inspected at least once a year to keep it working properly. You may own a home with a metal roof, shingle roof, or even a shake roof. It is easy to determine which type of roof you have by the materials it consists of.

Getting To Know Green Roofing

Although the green roofing movement is still fairly new to the United States, many countries have been using it for years and even decades. With the push for more environmentally friendly products and processes, even the roofing industry can contribute. There are several new ways that roofing has reduced its carbon footprint and put itself forward as a model for other construction methods to follow.

What Factors Are Important When Deciding On A Gutter Guard System?

When trying to decide on a Gutter Guard Protection System, there are a few things to consider. Let’s go over a few things that are equally important features when dealing with Gutter Guards other than cost.

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