My Top 3 Marketing Rules to Market Roofing Small Business

Top 3 Most Important Small Business Marketing rules by Dmitry Lipinskiy

In this video Dmitry gives his 3 Laws for Marketing. These are the same Laws that Dmitry followed to build all of his companies! He swears by them and they work 100% of the time! Watch this video and learn how to build your Empire!

Topics in this video:

0:00 Introduction
1:11 #1: Work on your Grades
4:08 #2: Reap what you Sow
6:24 #3: Don’t be STUPID!
7:42 Conclusion

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#1: 2019 Marketing Guide:
#2: F-Wave Shingle Review:

Top 3 Rules for Marketing a Small Business

1. Work on Your Grades

Just like in school, your grades matter. While they may not be a true indicator for how well or poorly you are as a contractor, potential customers feverishly study reviews before deciding to contact a company about a job. Imagine you are looking at hotels for your family vacation, and you come across a hotel whose reviews are horrible. Are you going to want to stay there? Highly unlikely. It’s the same thing in contracting. Whether it’s Facebook, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, or any of the other vast array of options available to consumers, ensure your reviews are stellar. Having good reviews generates business and establishes your company as professional and easy to work with. And in order to keep your review ratings high, it’s simple: do good work and make your customers happy. This is what will earn the grades necessary to thrive in this business.

2. Reap What You Sow

In many ways. greatness is boring. That’s because to be great you have to be consistent at your craft. In roofing, that means doing quality work, asking for reviews, making blog posts, building your brand, etc. Some of this may sound appealing, but over time it becomes habitual, maybe even monotonous. But that doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again is a bad thing. Think of great basketball players. They don’t play games every day of the year. In fact, they may spend more time practicing than actually playing. Maybe it sounds silly, but being a great roofer isn’t about just being good while on a job. It’s all the other little things that go into energizing the entire system. As Dmitry says, if you don’t sow, you can’t reap!

3. Don’t Be STUPID!

It only takes a few minutes to sully your reputation as a contractor. This may sound harsh, but it’s just the truth. Some of the worst Google reviews for contractors often have nothing to do with the actual work that company does. It could be something as simple as driving a company car too fast, drinking at a bar with the company shirt on. It’s these types of little things that ultimately can lead to the downfall of a company. This doesn’t mean live your life like a robot or be paranoid about the way people might perceive you. It simply means DON’T BE STUPID! Don’t do things that could jeopardize the well-being of your company.

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