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Nashville Roofing Business Class Recap
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Information on Changing Roofing Shingles

Repairing your roof can be a very costly affair if you decide to hire a roofing contractor, though it is difficult to do on your own as well. If you are going to attempt to do it to avoid having to pay a professional for the job, keep in mind that you might do more damage than you started with, so if you can work with someone that has some idea what they are doing. The first part of the job involves removing the shingles that you are going to be replacing…

EPDM Rubber Single Ply-Membrane Roofing System

EPDM is a very unique roofing product in that it is a true rubber roof. It has many unique uses for both residential and commercial flat roof applications no matter how big or small the flat roof is. Unlike shingles, EPDM is on a roll and you have to purchase a minimal amount per roll. So be prepared to purchase more than you need if the roof is small and just the same even on a larger roof.

Mule Hide EPDM Flashing and Adhesives Guide

Mule Hide is one of many Rubber Roofing Manufacturers. Each Manufacturer has guidelines that have to be met when installing the specific product. This article addresses some of the flashing and adhesive recommendations by Mule Hide.

Cleaning Gutters Yourself? Read THIS First

When fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner, everyone knows what the next big household event is… No not Christmas, guess again. That’s right, gutter cleaning!

Roofing Companies – Large Vs Small

Choosing a roofing professional is not always easy, especially with so many choices out there on the market. It can be difficult to choose between a small, local company, or a large corporation with a branch in your area. Research is the most important factor in choosing a contractor, and one that can save you valuable time and money. This article will tell you about the pros and cons of each.

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