Owens Corning Oakridge : Brown wood shingles.

On this video i cut the plywood along the joints because it was too tight and the plywood was creating bumps on the roof and since the shingles are thin so you could see the defects all over the roof.
hopefully this video becomes handy if you come a across something like this.

When You Possess a Hole in Your Roof, What Can You Do?

It is a stormy evening where the rain is pouring down, and you suddenly feel a drip. Initially, you believe there is nothing to fret about. However, you unexpectedly feel an additional drip, followed quickly by a few more. Now you feel the steady dripping from your ceiling, and you then know you have a dilemma on your hands.

Is a New Roof In Your Future? What Are Your Choices?

The life of the roof relies on the roofing components used, the nearby weather conditions, type of an installment method used, and the degree of upkeep administered you. Clay-based tile roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years, whereas metal roof coverings may last for more like 40 years.

Slashing Utility Costs With Roof Replacement

The weather conditions are beginning to get a little colder since summer is officially over. The lower temperature levels are going to influence your power costs, and since you are considering ways to keep your electricity costs down through winterizing your house, consider the roof.

Roofing Job – Find the Right Specialist for the Task

When you have a roofing concern, you ought to tap the services of a qualified expert to carry out the job. In this article, you can review some techniques to tackle locating such an expert.

Roof Repair Work – Details You Should Know

Your roof is an extremely important part in creating an efficient home. Without it, you and your family members are vulnerable to different sorts of dangers and problems that could possibly lead to the devastation of your property.

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