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Plywood vs OSB for Roofing re – reoof re-deck Debate | Roofing Insights
Comment below what you install and why and how much are you paying in your area and if you experienced shortages or price increases.

01:52 Both OSB & plywood hate water
02:39 Why Roofing Insights goes with OSB
04:19 Plywood kills curb appeal
04:58 Lesser of two evils
05:36 Major shortage in supplies
07:20 Roofing Insights guarantee

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Roof Remodeling Options

Roofs are available in a wide-range of styles, textures, and pitches and an essential part of a property that needs to be maintained to a high standard. If neglected and not taken care off, a roof might be susceptible to such conditions as rain, sun rays, snow, debris, storms, etc.

Things to Consider When Paying Your Gutter Contractor

This article was created to aid homeowners in managing their finances during a guttering project. Remember, The total amount you will spend to finish your gutter project will certainly be based on a lot of things like cost of the materials, changes on insurance costs, fluctuation of the global market, and others. It is best you prepare your spending by keeping all these things in mind.

Why Having Gutter Guards in Your Home Is a Great Idea

Gutter guards are installed on drain channels to prevent debris, particularly leaves from getting inside and hindering the natural flow of water. These leaf busters come in handy by washing away debris and giving you a peace of mind. You do not have to worry about mushy organic matter trapped in your drain channels, allergies or having to remove the yuck all by yourself.

Thatch Roofing in South Africa

Thatched roofs are part of South Africa’s heritage and are used across both urban and rural areas in KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Northern Cape and the Eastern Cape. The building of thatch roofs is strictly controlled and regulated by the Thatcher’s Association of South Africa.

Roofing Repair Contractors – Roofing Repair Information!

Roofing repairs can be an emergency when you need one fast! Find out about getting the best roofing contractors to get your repair done fast!

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