Pro roofing tips : How to install a Tunnel Skylight and Curb mount skylight on a tile roof .

Pro roofing tips: here is a video on how I install a tubular skylight over a tile roof , also how I install a curb mount skylight including flashing around .
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5 Reasons Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

Your home is your biggest investment. Many homeowners care for their lawns and other aspects of their home, but sometimes they overlook their roofs. Here are 5 reasons why you should pay attention to roof cleaning.

Cleaning Roof Shingles With a Pressure Washer

Many expert roof cleaning services state that they feel working with a pressure washer to clean a roof will damage the shingles due to the water being pumped at high pressure. If you use the following tips to clean your roof with a pressure washer it will be safe to do so and will help you to get rid of algae and moss from the roof quicker than anything else can.

Roofing Repairs: Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

The rise of Pinterest has also brought the rise of DIY (do it yourself). There are a lot of home improvement projects you can do yourself. However, some home improvement projects should be left to the professionals. One of those projects is roofing repairs.

Four Things to Know Before Roofing Contractors Arrive at the Home

For homeowners who are planning a roof replacement, it is important to know what steps should be taken before construction. The following tips are some things to do before roofing contractors arrive to begin work.

The Pros and Cons of EPDM Roofing Membrane

When it comes to choosing a new roofing solution for your home, then one of the materials you may be offered is EPDM roofing membrane. It is essential you understand what this is and how it can benefit you, you want to know the benefits and disadvantages of this product, so you can make the best informed decision to ensure your home stays dry in winter, cool in summer and you enjoy years of use out of it before it needs replacing again.

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