Rags to riches: Monarch Roofing Story (#1 Roofer in Myrtle Beach)

Amazing Success story of Monarch Roofing, Martin Pettigrew Humble Beginning
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Find the best roofing contractors in your area: https://directorii.com
Roofing contractors from the list are backed by a $20,000 guarantee

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The Cost of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can be expensive especially compared to the price of traditional asphalt roofs. Nevertheless, there is more than upfront costs to consider with metal roofs.

Is a Metal Roof Worth the Price?

A metal roof is worth the price. It might be a little more expensive than traditional roofing, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Down the Drain

Extreme weather conditions can damage guttering systems, leading to leaky roofs. Reputable home insurance policies will protect you financially should your roof leak unexpectedly, but by keeping your gutters clear, you may be able to avoid problems altogether.

Making the Right Selection of a Roofing Contractor Can Save You Grief

You shouldn’t trust a roof installation to just any roofing contractor since this part of your home is really the most important element of the overall structure. Here are a few steps one should take to make this process a little bit easier considering you have to make the right selection on both the type of roofing system and the company that is going to install because you are not able to take this one back to the store and exchange it like a shirt.

Installing and Caring For a Commercial Rubber Roof

For your commercial rubber roofing project, you want the best technology available used on the roof of your building. Different roofing systems are available to suit the needs of your specific flat roof. Materials other than rubber are also available for commercial applications, but the ease of roof repair and roof care when using rubber adds a great benefit to the choice of rubber roofing. Here are two main roofing systems to consider for your commercial roofing project.

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