Real Brad Lea VS Dmitry Lipinskiy: Sales Advice for roofers, Lightspeed VT, Roofing Business School

Dmitry Interviews Brad Lea, founder of Lightspeed VT.
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Two majestic bottles of Fiji water sit quietly in front of Dmitry and Brad Lea as the two sit down for an intense conversation regarding business. As always, Dmitry provokes his interviewee to come up with a few nuggets of business gold. In this case, Brad Lea steals the spotlight from the outset of an interview that is both challenging and rewarding.
Keep reading to discover why.
Lea begins the interview by saying he doesn’t believe in titles. He’s not founder or CEO of anything, at least by definition, although Lea has made quite a career for himself, mentoring over 800 clients. His goal is to turn them into closing machines. Think Wolf of Wall Street, albeit with slightly less pomp and circumstance.
Lea is also a self-described rhinoceros. He first fell in love with the animal because he found many parallels between him and the tenacious beast; mainly that both are unwilling to cede to exterior forces. This headstrong mentality has gotten Lea this far.
A few minutes into the video and already Lea’s boisterous and gregarious personality has undoubtedly ruffled a few feathers. He’s unapologetic, an individual who takes a lot of pride in being himself. Historically, his personality has likely irked more passive people. But that isn’t to say there isn’t a valuable message behind Lea’s bravado.
It’s why he’s been so successful, running an online class that focuses on turning low-salaried people into deft closers who can revolutionize their lives with the right mindset and attitude.
But Lea’s approach isn’t cutthroat. For as much as he, like many other success stories, values the bottom line, he also has instituted a human element to his process, known as H.O.
All innuendos aside, H.O. focuses on helping others, and it’s this philosophy that has helped Lea become what he is today. At the same time, his empathy has also hurt him in business. Lea estimates he has lost millions catering to other people. «I care too much about people’s situations when I should just be ruthless,» he admits.
This doesn’t come as a surprise, especially as Dmitry probes for an answer regarding the work-life balance of Lea.
It’s more priorities, Lea says of balancing work and life.
He explains that nothing comes before his family’s well being, but if everything at home is good, then Lea feels comfortable unabashedly throwing himself into his work.
As far as work culture, Lea holds all the cards. He finds business partnerships to be a risky proposition, especially 50/50 splits in ownership.
«Then there’s no boss,» he says, going on to explain that without a demarcated leader, businesses can crumble because they don’t have one person with overriding power.
As for how Lea got to the position he is in today, he doesn’t tell much in this particular interview. Instead, he advises people to «learn marketing or get ready to master it.

Being attractive works – this isn’t meant to exclude people who don’t fit the traditional beauty paradigm society has established.

0:47 – What’s Brad’s favorite title to go by?
1:40 – Brad Lea on putting pictures on business cards
3:08 – Why does he like Rhinos so much?
4:20 – Who are the people he talks to on the computer in his social media videos?
5:23 – What is a “H.O.” and how did he become one?
7:09 – Why did he change his signature?
8:21 – What’s his favorite social media platform?
8:26 – Darkest moment in business?
8:42 – What’s Brad’s work-life balance like?
9:24 – Does Brad believe in 50/50 partnership in business?
11:27 – Who is Brad’s most interesting client?
14:08 – When was the last time Brad cried?
14:57 – Is success fun, and what’s Brad’s worth?
15:09 – What’s Brad’s number one tip to someone brand new to business?
19:13 – Brad’s advice for roofers
20:16 – Brad V. Dmitry
24:46 – What’s Brad’s weakness as a business owner?
25:45 – Does Brad think pretty people make more money or have an advantage?
29:03 – What does Brad’s hiring process look like?
29:55 – Does Brad love his wife? Would he sacrifice a leg to save his marriage?
33:03 – Is the customer always right?

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