Replacing your Old Roof ? WATCH this video before you INSTALL your new ROOF…( must watch)

when it’s time to replace your new roof ? replacing a new roof? replacing a new roof by yourself?
in this video I show you the main sign of when it’s time to replace your roof.

Top Reasons to Use Foam Roofing for Your Home

One of the most popular techniques for roof insulation and roof repair is the spray foaming roofing system. While it has been around for years, it is growing in popularity now because of the many advantages that it has to offer. Spray foam is a product that is a combination of Isocyanate and Polyyol. These two components are put into a machine that heats and pumps them into a spray gun. This mixture is then applied to the roof.

5 Common Roof Problems

In this article, you will find out the most common roof problems that homeowners can experience, as well as the conditions which could either be a cause or a result of premature failure and low-slope roofing. Such problems will reduce the service life of a roof which is meant to last longer and protect your house.

Roof Cleaning Using Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Most people make sure that the inside of their home is clean and the outside has the lawn mowed but keeping their roof clean is not something that crosses their mind. When standing in the yard and looking upwards it is hard to see just how dirty their roof might be and if they cannot see it they do not think anyone else can. But it does not really matter if you can see the dirt or not your dirty roof can affect the overall homes appearance.

Common Roofing Repair Jobs

Many times when your roof needs to be repaired, it will happen without warning. One common roofing repair job is having a leak in your roof. It can be easy to spot the leak because you may start to see water dripping from the ceiling. Although this will give you a starting point as to where the leak can be it is not that simple to fix. Most roof leaks happen because of damaged or missing roofing material. This can include warping, blisters, and cracks.

Understanding EPDM Roofing and Why Use It

EPDM roofing, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, is a durable synthetic rubber which has made its way into the roofing industry. This rubber roofing solution is not only lightweight and easy to apply, but offers a range of benefits you will not always experience with other roofing solutions.

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