RI News: Tesla Cybertruck, Roofing fraud, roofer in jail, Best damn roofer, White claw, $205k Fine

RI News: Tesla Cybertruck, Roofing Fraud, Roofer in Jail, Best Damn Roofer, White Claw, $205k Fine

Tesla Cybertrucks – The giant company released another controversial product, this time a cybertruck that has many people excited but also concerned about the future of automobile transportation.

HomeAdvisor – The once massive corporation is now closing its office in Colorado, in the process laying off over 200 employees. After years of complaints against the company, it seems that HomeAdvisor is finally suffering from its poor product.

Fred Holder – GreenForm Construction’s Fred Holder is now in the news, this time for taking money from homeowners and not providing a service in return. He is now claiming bankruptcy, a move that is undoubtedly causing problems.

Best Damn Roofer – Roofing Insight’s biggest competitor on social media is now 3,000 followers ahead in the race for the most subs. Best Damn Roofer’s questionable tactics have come under fire from some, but so far it has not affected the brand’s overall health.

Fittest Roofer – The Fittest Roofer challenge takes place in Orlando on December 12-13. Cash prizes are as follows: 3rd place ($1,000), 2nd place ($2,000), and 1st place ($3,000). If your company has any fit roofers, send them to the competition next month!

White Claw – The booming alcoholic beverage has grossed $1.5 billion in sales this year. The downside? They are unable to meet demand, something their CEOs assumed would happen at the rate they’re growing. This is also a nice cautionary tale to any roofers out there who are seeing major growth.

OSHA Fine – Robert Barringer was fined about $205,000 by OSHA for not insuring workers or providing proper safety attire. It goes to show that taking safety measures is the most responsible way to ensure success. Dmitry would like to know how other companies manage their risk issues. Comment below with your management techniques!

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Roofing Insights News 11-23-19:
00:10 – Tesla Cybertruck
01:17 – HomeAdvisor Laid Off 229 People
03:02 – Bankrupt Roofer In Jail After Filing Bankruptcy
05:07 – Best Damn Roofer Surpasses Roofing Insights
06:13 – Fittest Roofer Metals Are In!
07:19 – White Claw Shortage
09:58 – OSHA $205k Fine

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Metal Thieves Targeting Roofs

As the economy pressures many to find new ways to make ends meet, a new breed of crime is evolving. We hear reports of people stealing metal pipes from buildings and metal wires from walls in order to sell the metal to a scrap yard for a few dollars. Recently, many of these thieves have begun targeting metal roofs, where large sheets of the prized item are readily available.

Advice From A Roofer

Having a roof repaired or replaced is a large project, which is why hiring the right roof contractor is the most important job of the homeowner. Hiring a quality roof contractor can be deceivingly easy. In many cases contractors come with a large crew, fancy equipment and charismatic words that appear legitimate. In order to find the best roof contractor for replacing or repairing a roof, homeowner’s should look out for a few things that can flag a non-reputable roofer.

A Guide to the Expected Costs of a New Roof

Roofing prices can vary widely, but it pays to have a base idea of what you’ll likely pay for a new roof. This guide covers the expected costs of popular roofing styles: asphalt composition, wood shingles and shake, metal roofing, and tile roofing.

Most Common Roof Problems

For the average homeowner, the roof is not a structure they think about until it is causing problems. Many people simply don’t know what to look for or how to tell if their roof needs attention or repair. There are a few things every homeowner should know about roofs and how to detect if there is a problem.

Selecting The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor

If you own a commercial building repairs can be very expensive. If you want to cut costs it is very important that you take good care of your roof. If you are searching for a commercial roofing contractor that can redo your roof without costing you a lot of money, here are a few tips to help you out.

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