Roof Shingles: Whats Inside? Atlas Roofing Factory Secret Lab tour

Roof Shingles: Whats Inside? Atlas Roofing Factory Secret Lab tour
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Not all roofing shingles are the same. Anyone who states otherwise have no idea what he is talking about. Shingles made of similar materials, yes. But so are phones, cars and everything else. Mercedes and Honda are not the same. Iphone and Android have HUGE differences!!! So do shingles.

In this video, Dmitry goes to Atlas’ Factory to take a tour and see the process of how the shingles are made, the extensive testing that is done to ensure quality, and meet the team behind the Atlas logo.

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Start of the facility and warehouse walkthrough
01:40 – Rock of Atlas Shingles and how it is colored and made
04:00 – Shingle comparison
07:50 – A deeper look into the rock of Atlas
10:46 – Shingle comparison on symmetry
12:18 – Granule loss testing
15:17 – Granule data
16:20 – Strength test
18:01 – Heat testing
18:14 – Grade testing
19:18 – Penetration testing
21:42 – Coating testing
26:14 – Caliber testing
27:28 – Wind resistance testing
28:26 – Shipping wrapping
28:41 – Do you do a lot of factory tours?
29:01 – Glass matte application
29:29 – Granule application
29:59 – Employee background
30:25 – Granule pressing
31:11 – Shingle cooling
31:22 – Shingle drying
31:36 – Application tank
32:04 – Factory capability for shingle type
32:53 – Cutting shingles
33:53 – Quality Control station
35:11 – Packing shingles
35:26 – Factory capability for production amount
36:02 – Copper percent testing
38:43 – Filler testing

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