Roofer explains Roofing Business challenges | Nate Schweppe Interview

Roofer talks Roofing Business challenges | Nate Schweppe Interview
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00:20 What is one myth surrounding the roofing industry?
01:29 Nate Schweppe’s biggest write-off for his roofing business
03:29 How Schweppe started his roofing company
05:13 Can married couples work together?
05:40 Family dynamics in the roofing business
06:47 Rapid City’s viability as a roofing market
08:52 Schweppe will still do roof installations
10:11 Schweppe’s least favorite part about being a business owner
11:32 The stresses of owning a roofing business
12:20 Pro Exteriors installs Malarkey and Owens Corning
13:46 South Dakota roofers like Malarkey
14:25 Pro Exteriors has undergone a few changes
17:17 Roof installations versus managing a business
19:22 Schweppe’s hardest year in business was 2020
21:15 Roofing labor shortage in Rapid City
21:56 Schweppe’s roofing business model
23:03 Pro Exterior’s ideal customer
24:46 Why Pro Exteriors does siding installation
25:55 Here is why Schweppe is in the roofing business
28:37 Advice to installers who want to be roofing business owners

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How to Find the Best Roofing Repair Contractors

It seems like roofing repair companies are everywhere these days. If you do a simple Internet search for “roofing repair contractors” you’re going to get page after page of results. However, as with any other industry, there’s a big difference in quality from one company to the next, and it can be difficult to determine which companies are legitimate and which are scams.

Roof Rain Gutter Downspout Maintenance – Downspout Cleaning

The amount of the roof rain gutter downspout maintenance depends mostly on the rain gutter maintenance and the downspout bottom end / its extension condition. There’s not much to worry about if you’re living in a tree-free neighborhood, where your rain gutter downspout will (in most cases) require no maintenance.

How to Make a Shingles Roof Cover

Roofing can be designed to be flat, cone shaped, heaped or pitched. The construction industry has evolved from the traditional roofing iron sheets to modern technology tiles. This can be the stone coated sheets, clay or concrete tiles, concrete and shingles.

Before You Choose New Roofing Consider These Points

A new roof is a major investment and you want to get the biggest bang for your bucks. But choosing your new roofing can be a confusing process. Here are the points one couple considered before they signed a roofing contract.

Commercial Roofers & Types of Industrial Roofs

For business owners and those in industrial complexes, roofing needs are often vastly different from those of homeowners in residential areas. For these consumers, commercial roofers are the ones to call, as they specialize in the specific types of roofs found on business and industrial structures.

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