Roofer who Mastered Cleaning Roofing Jobs | Catch All Review

Meet Roofer who Mastered Cleaning Roofing Jobs | Catch All Review
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Find out more about the man behind the Catch All:

We flew down to Tyler, TX to talk to Heath Hicks, the owner of AVCO Roofing and inventor of the amazing “CatchAll” roofing “keep clean” system.
Heath began searching for a better clean up and lawn damage prevention system a few years ago, and after being so close to giving up he came up with the CatchAll which is now widely used by contractors across the nation. After getting call after call for lost nails in the grass, broken trees/bushes, Heath knew that he’d have to step up the clean up game or his reputation and customer satisfaction would start seeing a dramatic decrease. Sometimes the best inventions come after experiencing the biggest and most frustrating problems.

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00:27 Intro
01:00 How did you come up with the CatchAll idea?
02:05 how many feet make up a CatchAll?
04:45 The journey to discovering the CatchAll
13:20 Patents on CatchAll
13:48 Who was your first customer
14:55 What is your slogan?
15:30 CatchAll can help you deal with mistakes
16:35 CatchAll can be supplemented to the insurance company
17:05 Do you pay your crews extra for using the system?
18:33 CatchAll giveaway
19:09 Outro

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