Roofers: Stop Eating Crap! 12 tips for healthy diet: Sauna, Supplements, ACV, Fasting

Roofers: Stop Eating Crap! My 12 tips for healthy diet for Construction workers!
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00:28 Avoid sugar
01:00 Avoid energy drinks
01:22 Eat less processed food
01:51 Eat baked instead of fried
02:07 Try fasting
03:14 Try a sauna
03:40 Collagen
04:37 MSM powder
05:18 Apple cider vinegar
06:08 Avoid daily drinking
07:23 Take supplements
09:00 You can’t outwork a bad diet

Roofers diet

Let’s talk about what we eat.

You can’t put train a bad diet.

Bad diet will put you behind in work, in life and for sure financially, yet we know it’s bad but don’t do much about it!

When I used to work daily on construction sides: my diet looked like this: I stopped by at gas station early in the morning to grab some coffee and some donuts

During the day I would drink one of those huge bottles of coke, fast food meal during the day.

I was skinny, I didn’t know I wasn’t healthy at a time but trust me: I wasn’t.

Here is what construction workers usually think: we work hard we can afford it, no you can’t! You can never out train bad diet.

If you don’t eat healthy: you will age quicker, will not have good quality life and will not enjoy your earning

1. Avoid sugar
2. Avoid energy drinks
3. Eat less process food.
4. Less fried more baked
5. Try fasting. Interiminement
6. Try sauna: inflammation boosts your testosterone
7. Try collagen
8. MSM powder
9. ACV
10. Avoid alcohol
11. Take vitamins and supplement me :C, D, calcium, magnesium
12. Follow good channeled: dr. Berg, Thomas

I am not a doctor or dietitian, I am just a construction guy like many of you watching this channel who spent years talking to doctors and pros trying to better myself and improve my diet.

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