Roofing 101/Graham Dessert Story: From Alcoholic to Fastest Growing Business | Roofing Insights

He spent $30,000 to Rebrand Dessert to Roofing 101: Alcoholism, Graham Dessert Story | Roofing Insights. Graham Shares some powerful insights about rebranding and personal life and crazy growth of Roofing 101 companies . Show him some love in comments!


00:36 Graham recently rebranded
04:20 Graham runs his company remotely
07:18 How to hold partners accountable
08:13 You need a process
13:34 How to save money
16:39 Why Graham moved to San Diego (CRAZY!)
21:30 Advice for people surrounded by bad culture
23:05 Addiction is a real problem
28:54 Advice for successful people in business
33:37 You need to get in the gym
39:46 What does Graham’s culture look like?
41:39 Which way is roofing trending?
42:50 Would Graham ever go public?
44:31 Who makes the best shingles?
44:54 The future of solar
46:18 Advice for new owners
47:17 Homeowners need to hear this…
48:53 Steps to take your business to the next level
51:21 Dmitry finds Graham to be an enigma
53:01 Leaders Next Door

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Keys Benefits for Effective Roof Repairs

The home is essentially only as sound as its construction, quality of materials used, and level of on-going maintenance provided throughout the course of the year. A strong and water-tight rooftop is likely to be one of the main considerations when it comes to keeping on top of the homes ability to protect the family. If a roof leak is detected, it is essential to put in place the required steps to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Dealing With Deck Area Leaks

Let’s be honest; decks built over dwelling areas are an architectural design nightmare. Waterproofing contractors will tell you that the most difficult problems they experience are leaks resulting from decks built over lower-level dwelling or garage areas. These leaks are difficult to diagnose because there is commonly more than one source of moisture entry, and troubleshooting the leaks can become quite complicated.

Roof Maintenance – 4 Practical Tips For Making Your Roof Last Longer

With proper roof maintenance techniques, you can ensure the excellent quality of your roof and increase your home’s value. These tips will guide you on what it takes to have a durable and attractive roof all year round.

Selecting Composition Shingles

Tips on selecting the best composition shingles for your home. Composition shingles are a versatile material and can be used to cover almost anything that accepts a nail. Roofs last 20 years, far longer than the latest fashion trends- how will you decide on shingle color and composition?

When Does A Rooftop Need Repairs?

The roof is a vital part of a properties structure and needs to be maintained to a high-standard to make sure it is able to offer the utmost level of protection. It is also the part of a property that he is likely to suffer more from adverse weather, which means the will roof need a regular schedule of inspection in place. In order to decide when a pitched or flat roof might require maintenance work or a complete replacement, it helps if you are able to establish the actual age of the roof and…

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