Roofing 101 owner Graham Dessert teaches to Delegate #Shorts

Roofing 101 owner Graham Dessert teaches to Delegate #Shorts

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Protect Your Home, Fix Your Roof

I watched the movie about the first automobiles for sale to the general public. It was suggested to Henry Ford that seat belts be included in the standard model but he quipped that he didn’t want to infer that the automobile was unsafe by having seat belts. We’ve come a long way from that attitude, and society is safer in many ways.

Flat Roofing Details – Pros and Cons

Flat roofs are a form of roof design that have been around for centuries. Here are some flat roofing details, and some pros and cons to flat roofs.

Local Roofing Services – The Advantages of Using Local Roofing Services

I suppose one of the main things that set roofing replacement jobs apart from all the other expensive home improvements jobs is the fact that you don’t actually get to see much of the finished work. Sure you can take a look from across the street or from the end of the garden but in fairness it’s not like new double glazing or a nice fitted kitchen that you get to admire every day and that all your visitors pass praising comments on.

Insurance Restoration Contractors – Your Best Advocate For Your Homeowners Claim

Is your homeowners insurance company really looking out for your best interest? Be careful. Sometimes they mask self-preservation as consumer protection.

5 Keys to Hiring a Roofer

Every part of the house is important. Your house roofing may not be the first to be noticed but without it, you will be exposed to intense sunlight and rain. When your house is at least 10 years old, expect some minor repairs in roofing as it is attacked most by weather and free pollens. It is not enough to repaint it once in a while.

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