Roofing Business and Vehicle Wraps

Roofing Business and Vehicle Wraps

Why You Need Vehicle Wraps – DIY Academy

In this DIY Academy video, Dmitry explains why your business needs vehicle wraps.

One of my many passions in life is teaching. Whether my kids, employees, friends, family, peers, or my online subscribers, I love being able to positively influence those around me. That’s why I have decided to host a 2-day class, once per month, to help small business owners.

The class is designed for start-ups and small roofing companies. I will welcome you into my own business, Storm Group Roofing and Siding near Minneapolis, to learn marketing techniques and show you the finer details of running a roofing company.

You will see what’s in our books, our actual business model, anything from scripts when we answer calls to how much you should be charging for different services.

If you have been thinking of starting up your own business, if you want to break up from your partnership, if you never sold or managed more than a few million or stumbled there, this class is for you.

You will be networking with people just like you. We will cover everything from the ground up, from setting up your first CRM to managing your invoicing.

I will teach you what works and what doesn’t in 2019.

The first class session is April 4th-5th.

What you get:
– 2-day business marketing class inside busy, working roofing
– You will become part of a close group, exclusive to those who attend the class.
– You will have full access to me and my team after the class.
– You can come for future classes within a year at no cost.
– Food will be provided for both days. (Breakfast & Lunch)
– Price is per company, up to 3 people per (you can bring partner, employee or spouse).
– Full confidentiality. We understand it can be risky if you currently work for roofing business as employee, vendor or sub and want to break in on your own. We are here to support you and protect you.
– 4 hours of marketing materials (what works and what doesn’t in 2019)
– 4 hours of CRM and business process
– 4 hours of office organization/process (accounting, scheduling, follow ups, quick books, etc).
– 4 hours of answered questions/other business aspects: how much to pay different positions, where to find employees, 1099 VS Employees etc.
– Q/As for each section.

Class will take place at:

Storm Group Roofing and Siding
7308 Aspen Lane N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Two near by hotels are Laquita and Marriott. We recommend coming Wednesday, May 3rd.

Class starts 9am on Thursday, April 4th. Breakfast served at 8am.

Text 612-558-4881 for more details.

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