Roofing Business Economics: How much to charge per square? School for Roofers

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Roofing Economics: Why Roofers Sell Millions but go Bankrupt? Roofing School
Comment below your formula how much to charge and if you know your break even point!

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00:56 Factors that build your price
01:19 Cost of labor
02:00 Cost of materials
02:24 Desirable profit margin
03:31 Overhead
03:45 Closing rate
04:55 Break-even point
06:45 5 things that affect break-even point…
06:49 Overhead
07:29 Closing rate
07:42 Your price
07:54 Demand
08:56 Average ticket
09:15 Different business models you can employ while accounting for these factors
09:23 High price/low volume
11:23 Mid price/ mid volume
13:05 Low price/ high volume
14:37 Head-to-head comparison between 3 models
18:25 Check out the Roofing Business School!
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Why Roof Safety Is Important

If you have ever wondered why everyone is so careful and nervous when they get on a rooftop it is because it’s dangerous, and why roof safety is important will be explained here. Also why this may just be one of those times to forget the “do it yourself” attitude, and call someone who knows what they are doing.

4 Ways To Find Commercial Roofers

Are you looking for commercial roofers in Fayetteville GA? Given are some ways in which you can find roofers Fayetteville GA.

Roof Replacement – A Good Chance to Go Green

If you are considering a roof replacement for your home or business it is a good time to decide to go green. Going green will save you a lot of money in future energy bills and potentially in the roof itself.

Roof Installation – Budgeting for All the Expenses

When it comes to roof installation, whether for new construction or a remodeling project, you need to budget for the expenses. There are several different factors to take into consideration when it comes to the financing of a larger project.

Roof Repair – Regular Maintenance Keeps the Big Bills Away

Roof repair is almost always an issue for homeowners. Your roofing can cause you serious money problems and long lasting damage to your house.

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