Roofing Business vehicles: what to buy: Truck VS Small Van VS Cargo van VS Minivan

4 Best Vehicle types for your Roofing Business
Which vehicles to buy: truck, small van or Cargo van?

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In this video Dmitry gives his expert opinion on what vehicles to buy for your roofing business! Which ones are necessities? Which ones do you not need? Which ones does he use?

Cars, Trucks, MiniVans, Cargo Vans…Dmitry explains them all!

Topics in the videos:

0:19 The 4 types of vehicles
1:04 #1 Utility Service Vehicles
3:24 #2 MiniVans
4:42 #3 Trucks
5:58 #4 Cargo Vans
7:26 Conclusion

4 Types of Vehicles To Buy For Roofing Business

There are a number of vehicles that make for serviceable company vehicles. Among them are utility service vehicles, minivans, trucks, and cargo vans. They each serve a purpose, and in this video Dmitry will explain the positives and negatives to owning each type of vehicle.

1. Utility Service Vehicle

There are a number of options for utility vehicles, including the Metris by Mercedes Benz, the Ford Transit Connect, Dodge’s Ram ProMaster, and the Nissan NV200. These vehicles are best suited for your sales team or production managers because they’re fuel-efficient and cheap to buy (roughly $20-25k for most models). Presentation means a lot in the roofing industry, so make sure your vehicle is wrapped with company logo and insignia, which shows the customer a level of professionalism and business acumen. The downside to these vehicles is they are not good for hauling equipment, which could hinder you in certain circumstances.

2. Minivans

Minivans offer multi-functionality, with the ability to be friendly on gas as well as carry more cargo than a smaller utility vehicle. Dmitry personally owns a Dodge Caravan, citing the reliability and convenience minivans offer. Minivans also can be used for off-hour tasks, like taking the kids to soccer practice or taking the whole family out to dinner. A warning: if you don’t want the vehicle to double as both family van and business van, this may not be the vehicle for your company. Also, Dmitry cautions against buying certain brands and urges everyone to do their research before investing in a vehicle.

3. Trucks

Trucks are potentially controversial and don’t serve much purpose on job sites outside of hauling trailers. We’ve all been driving down a highway when suddenly the jerk in the left lane aggressively speeds forward and exhaust emits from the rear pipe. This annoys people, and could potentially turn off a client if they see you arrive outside their home in a massive truck. Dmitry recommends that you also purchase a utility vehicle if you plan on buying a truck.

4. Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are much in the same vein as utility service vehicles, although they’re typically larger and used by established companies. They make for excellent repair vehicles because of the cargo room. If you’re just beginning your journey as a constructor, you may want your first vehicle to be a utility vehicle. But cargo vans look nice, especially when wrapped, which could cost $3-4k, a price that might pay off in the future if your vehicles generate enough business from the advertising.

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