Roofing Companies: Learn from Google Report: Immediacy beats Loyalty!

Roofing Companies: Learn from Google Report: Immediacy beats Loyalty!
You need to speed up your process!
Here’s why:

It’s 2020 and scientists have discovered that our attention span is about the same as the most disciplined and intelligent goldfish. As a matter of fact, if you are still reading this, your attention span is already above average, making you a superior human being. Congratulations. Research has shown that most humans stay focused on an idea or task at an average duration of a whopping 9 seconds. This is about the longest time that a goldfish has ever looked at underwater vegetation before finding another exciting thing to look at.

Google has recently released a 2019 study that identified human behavior as shifting ever more drastically towards satisfying immediacy being more important than loyalty. In this video Dmitry shares some tips from the study along with his personal implementation of this strategy to capitalize on what clients expect from us business owners in 2020. Drop us a comment below on how you plan to extract gold from all the fish this year! 😉

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Prolonging The Life Of Your Roof

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