Roofing: How To Install Asphalt Shingles: Atlas Edition

Dmitry visits Atlas Roofing in Atlanta, GA – How To Install Atlas Shingles with Paul Casseri.
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In this video, the following questions will be answered:

0:35 – Does Atlas recommend Drip Edge or Gutter Apron?
1:03 – What will happen to the warranty if you install staples?
2:17 – Do we have to use starter shingles?
3:18 – Begin Installation.
4:00 – What if I don’t have a drip edge?
4:14 – What if I have plywood?
5:32 – What kind of shingle are we installing today?
7:20 – Do we install flush with the starter shingles?
7:49 – What’s the coldest temperature shingles can be installed in?
8:45 – How does installation temperature affect the warranty?
9:50 – Will it seal at 50 degrees?
10:46 – Am I supposed to see the edge?
15:00 – Does Atlas have the same Hip & Ridge for all of their products?
16:24 – What are the most common mistakes Atlas sees? What tends to void warranties?
17:26 – Are there any requirements for Valleys? Atlas recommendations?
17:57 – Can you install Atlas shingles over existing roof and still have warranty? Can you overlay architectural shingles over 3-Tab shingles? Will it void your warranty?
19:05 – Any recommendations on penetrations?
19:50 – Final concerns, & more common mistakes

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