Roofing Insights Directory VS Home Advisor and BBB | Hook Agency

Dmitry and Tim Brown explain the strategy behind and how it’s better than HomeAdvisor and BBB. To join the Directory, contractors must be part of
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00:38 What’s behind the Roofing Insights Directory?
01:32 How Dmitry met Tim Brown
04:48 Tim’s thoughts on the Roofing Insights Directory
05:58 Roofing Insights Directory plug
07:00 Legitimacy of the Roofing Insights Directory
09:35 “We want attention”
10:56 Can you compete with corporations for clicks?
13:20 Roofing Insights’ goal is to reach the top 1%
15:54 Roofing Insights Directory testimonial
18:23 #1 searched category on BBB
21:24 Value of testimonials
23:12 How to get into the Roofing Insights Directory
24:47 Hook Agency plug

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Roofing Insights Directory VS Home Advisor and BBB | Hook Agency

In today’s video Dmitry and Tim Brown from Hook Agency explains strategy behind, first results and why it’s so successful against HomeAdvisor and Better Business Bureau.

Unlike BBB badge our $20,000 guarantee badge means something. Unlike Home advisor we screen our contractors and only let the best in.

And our leads are the best of the best and we don’t even sell leads. Let the best customers find you in our directory.

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Sign up at or text “directory” to 612-558-4881 if you have any questions.

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We cover Canada and have many request from Canada as well.

Hottest areas: Florida, New York and surrounding.

If we don’t have contractors listed in directory, it’s going to waste when people ask for recommendation. We CANNOT recommend your if we haven’t approved you to be in our directory. We back contractors with our money and we don’t take chances.

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