Roofing Insurance claims Overhead and Profit explained: Greed Or Must?

Roofing Insurance claims Overhead and Profit explained: Greed Or Must?

0:26 what is Overhead and Profit?
3:00 10% overhead, 10% profit
5:11 overhead expenses
7:28 insurance excuses for not paying
8:06 1 trade vs 3 trades (the first excuse)
9:43 a job was not complex enough (the second excuse)
10:14 roofing doesn’t count? (the third excuse)
10:53 who is greedy?
11:59 insurance?
13:06 homeowner?
15:16 contractor?
17:22 about Steve Patrick

-How much PROFIT does a roofing company make?

-How much does a roofing company spend each month on OVERHEAD?

-Who’s got the most GREED? Insurance companies, homeowners or contractors?

Watch and learn from Dmitry as he analyzes this important topic!

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Types of Roofing

The roof on your home is used for protecting your home and family from natural elements such as rain, wind, sun, snow and other changes in the climate. It is important that your roof stays in good condition to protect your home. A damaged roof could cause a lot of problems for your home and valuable belongings.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Roofer

If an individual is in the process to choosing the right commercial roofer it is essential to keep in mind that not every commercial roofing contractor is created equal. Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to determine a good commercial roofing contractor from a bad one. However, there are some vital questions that need to be asked when taking the time to select a contractor. The answers provided to the questions will assist in locating a contractor and ensuring that the best decision possible has been made.

Roof Hatch FAQ

If you’ve ever wondered why and how roof hatches are used in construction, here are your answers. Not just for commercial buildings, roof hatches have a variety of uses.

Roof Hatches on Houses? More Common Than You Think

While roof hatches have been a mainstay of commercial construction, they’re finding more and more use in residential projects. Find out how architects and remodelers are incorporating roof hatches into homes.

How to Choose an Efficient Roofing Contractor

Do you want to give a new look to your house? Are you undecided as where to start from? Well, before you proceed any further, first it’s important to look whether it’s an old house or a comparatively new one. If your house happens to be an old one, then it is important to start from the roof. After all, a roof is the most important part of a house! Never compromise with the safety of the inmates by opting for roofing solutions which are not of the best quality.

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