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00:25 Advice for finding help with supplement insurance
03:15 How long does it take to learn to supplement?
07:16 Bad supplementing practices
10:17 Let’s arm wrestle!
12:23 Worst insurance company to work with
16:22 Advice for homeowner with insurance claim
17:44 Contractors: know this…
19:46 Switzer’s take on MadSky
20:51 How much does insurance short customers?
22:10 Contractors or insurance companies: who commits more fraud?
23:07 Making promises
26:19 Supplementing is NOT unethical!
32:25 Special gift

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4 Advantages Of Periodically Maintaining Your Roof

Although roofs are designed to resist wear and tear for at least a few decades, they will eventually need maintenance operations during their lifetime. It is actually a good idea to inspect the condition of your roof on an annual basis because you might find different problems and you can fix them in time before they become worse. Also, by periodically fixing your roof, you can get a few more benefits that will be explained below.

3 Types Of Roofs For The Aesthetically-Minded Individual

Roofing materials are plentiful and no homeowner can complain that he hasn’t found something suitable for his house and matching his tastes. Professional roofing companies strive to offer the best possible when it comes to roofing materials and they try to satisfy any client whether if he wants a roof that has an elegant design or a very durable one. You might already know that the roof can contribute greatly to the exterior aspect of your house and if you want to make your house unique, this article will present you 3 types of roofing which are both practical and…

Top Flat Roof Repair Tips

This was written to motivate residents to be safe when checking for problems on top of their homes. It is suggested to have experts inspect the compromised area proceeding to your examination. The content is also centered on flat roof mechanisms and exactly how they are functional remedies to most other roof types.

How To Measure The Area And Slope Of A Roof

Experienced roofing contractors can take one glance at a roof and determine how much roofing materials they need, how many men they need to strip down the old roof and install the new roofing, and how much time it will take. But many contractors, especially general contractors, are often involved in other trades and as such may need to rely on proven systems to achieve the same results as specialty roofing contractors. In home improvement, everything can be made simpler by the use of mathematics and formulas.

Four Practical Benefits Of Patio Roofs And Canopies

In the UK there are four good reasons for having a patio roof or patio canopy fitted to your home. Regardless of the time of year it is often the case that your patio, and indeed your garden, become woefully underused.

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