Roofing Manufacturer’s Hypocrisy about Reviews: Most Important Category!!!

We Need your feedback!!! Last year we promised to include manufacturer’s review friendliness to our 2021 shingle guide! Let me present you my case why its important!

Fixing Flat Roofs in an Emergency

Roof repairs in poor weather are almost impossible to attempt. However on a flat roof where water is pooling, this is often the most important time to repair a roof. Standing water and ceiling leaks in harsh weather lead to costly water damage on the interior of the home. Some Denver roofing companies are using a new method to repair flat roofs. Instead of trying to rebuild the whole roof in an emergency, they use a new product that seals leaks while sopping up standing water.

Need a Good Roofing Contractor? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Choose

Whether you have a metal roof or a shingle roof, there is no doubt that it will need replacing at some point. Proper roof construction is a necessity for the home’s energy efficiency and integrity.

Roof Repair – Important Things You Should Know

Have recent weather changes made your roof susceptible to rains and harsh weathers? If it has, then getting it repaired as soon as possible is something you should look into.

Benefits That You Can Gain by Installing a Metal Roof For Your Home

There comes a time when every homeowner is faced with the decision of replacing the roof of their home. This is an important decision as it can affect the appearance and energy efficiency of the home.

Asphalt Emulsion Coating Roof Products Explained

Before you decide to go with an asphalt emulsion coating roof product, you need to know what they can and can’t do. It also helps if you know how to apply them.

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