Roofing Materials review: asphalt shingles , rubber, metal, clay and cedar

Roofing Materials review: asphalt shingles, rubber, metal, clay and cedar
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In this video, Dmitry explains what the market looks like in 2019 for five different roofing materials: clay, cedar, asphalt, metal, and rubber. Find out which is best for you!

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Roofing Service Gone Wrong – A True Story

Think you can fix your own roof? A guy I know paid a high price for over-estimating his own abilities in roofing – and here is the story. Please think about this, before you take on such a task yourself.

Choosing Green Roofing Materials for Your Home

Every home needs a roof to keep weather from working its way inside. Whether precipitation is in the form of rain or snow, a proper roof is essential to keeping your home in good condition. Water damage can be devastating to a home but individuals who are looking for green materials for their homes are faced with a difficult decision.

Roofs Need Love Too

Your roof is similar to a person. It is born, gets injured, gets repairs, gets old, and expires. Yet, also like a person, there are certain things that can be done to prolong the life of your roof. A roof is your protection and is an imperative component of a home, so it needs to be taken care of.

Dirty Roof – What Is That Stuff?

Gloeocapsa magama is growing on your roof – just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Asphalt, tile or metal roofs are not immune to this invasive pest that appears to be dark stains creeping up a roof. Gloeocapsa magma is a species of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria, which photolyze water generating oxygen gas. Ancient cyanobacteria were ancestral to the chloroplasts of all plants on earth. We live in nature and nature keeps trying to take back over – look up sometime and you will see the visual evidence.

Roof Coating, Is There Any Gain?

Up until 3 years ago, unless you resided in one of the more hotter regions around the globe, roof cleaning would not even have registered on your radar, the straightforward reason for this is that the colder temperature countries did not really need it. The warmer countries benefited from roof coating because the coating material had properties that actually reflected the suns rays, so shortening the amount of time the air conditioner had to be working, which reduced the running costs eg electric. The colder parts of the planet are now taking advantage of…

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