Roofing News: Shem Heiser wins fittest roofer, Roofer shot, Fraud in Kansas, Tesla Solarglass Roof

Dmitry dives into the news with our champion of Fittest Roofer. Followed by a sad story of a man shot outside of his work place at the roofing company. The wolves are out again, another unfortunate scam alert. Tesla is back to back with the news revealing their solar roof and updates to that. Last, but certainly not least, the Roofing Business School has officially launched and the link is below.

00:22 – Fittest Roofer Winner
02:47 – Roofer Shot and Killed
04:06 – SCAM ALERT!
08:33 – Telsa Solar Roof
12:25 – Roofing Business School Launched
13:18 – Bonus Tesla Video


1. Shem Heiser is crowned as fittest roofer last week. 4 events: Hold, cleans, shoulder to overhead plus carry, and step ups.
2. Roofer killed in St. Pete.
3. Con Artist in Kanzas city:

1. Tesla Installing roofs:

5. Roofing School is live and running. Roofing Insights private content. Things we can’t share on youtube: numbers, agencies, ads, pricing, best practices.

Link to roofing business school:

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What To Do When You Have A Roof Leak

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Metal Roofing System

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