Roofing Process Conference: 12 Reasons to Attend!!!!

Roofing Insights last event of the year. Our Biggest and best event of the year!
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In this video, Dmitry goes through the 12 reasons you guys should attend The First Annual Roofing Process Conference. From brilliant speakers to live music, there is definitely something you can find to get you to come to our first conference!

00:35 – Reason #1 – No Marketers Allowed
00:58 – Reason #2 – Marcus Sheridan
02:11 – Reason #3 – The Roofing Insights Community
03:39 – Reason #4 – Elite Vendors
04:44 – Reason #5 – Fittest Roofer
05:58 – Reason #6 – Erik Toth
07:01 – Reason #7 – Location
07:23 – Reason #8 – Family-Friendly
08:20 – Reason #9 – Timing
09:15 – Reason #10 – Best Damn Roofer
10:36 – Reason #11 – Work Hard, Play Hard
11:07 – Reason #12 – Lenny Scarolla

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