ROOFING REPAIRS GONE WRONG! roofs leaking everywhere

roofing repairs gone wrong: roofs leaking everywhere
here is a video about a roof installed 2 years before and it’s leaking everywhere.
watch out people.
thanks for watching.

Tips for Choosing Roof Insulation

Insulation products available in the market help to improve heating, while offering cooling properties to the home. Ceiling insulation work better in cooler climates, while roof insulation work better in hotter climates. Nevertheless, some regions experience a combination of cold and hot climates.

Marketing A Roofing Company Made Simple

If you own a roofing business and you would like to succeed in the very competitive industry, then you need to realise why marketing is a very powerful tool in increasing your reach and expanding your customer base. Marketing will not, by any means of the imagination, replace outstanding workmanship, however if you truly wish to grow your business then you will have to work hard in capturing the attention of your potential clients. The best way to do this is to create an impeccable marketing plan that allows you to promote your roofing company in the best…

4 Top Qualities Of Roof Materials That You Can Consider For Roofing

When a person gets a new house built or a new office constructed, he/she takes care of beautifying and strengthening each part of that space with love and care. As important as walls, interiors, decoration and flooring is, even roofing holds an integral part of construction of any indoor space.

Roofing in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a community in the GTA. As with all communities there are roofing problems that are specific to where you are located. Seasons, weather and wear and tear area all things that can directly impact your roof.

Why Do Quality Roofing Materials Matter?

Asphalt shingles, wooden shakes, metal, tile or even recycled tires are all great choices for roofing materials. Why do quality materials matter and make all the difference to your home? You are about to find out.

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