Roofing Rundown FB Live Ep 1: Cease and Desists letters

Dmitry is bringing back Roofing Rundown
Roofing Rundown FB Live Episode 1: Cease and Desists letters

We will be giving away a few prizes to the best comment to the question. What should we do with a $10,000 “Cease and Desist letter”?
It will cost us $10,000

1 Full membership a $1,500 Prize
1 Ticket to ATL $300 Prize
1 Ticket seat $200 Prize

Reading through funny hate comments

The ugly truth about call centers in 2020, What really happened to them?

Most profitable upgrades –

Cease and Desist Letters (Updates)

Biggest roofers make in marketing – Roofing Brand –

CRM Musts ”Who, Why, When, who was in contact – Jobnimbus-

Roofing Insights Leads distribution – Our Classes –

Questions and Answers

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How to Roof a Building Lacking in Ventilation!

Do you own a home with no ventilation and have concerns about installing new roofing? Read this article for some solutions on how to effectively install roofing on this type of building!

Upgrade Your Home’s Property Value With the Matchless Beauty and Strength of Modern Metal Roofing

When the time comes to replace your aging, leaky roof, don’t dismiss the beauty of metal roofing based on price alone. For protection and performance beyond compare, as well as long-term cost-effectiveness, standing-seam metal roofs are the new standard in residential roofing.

Ins And Outs Of Green Roofing

While the green roofing movement is still in its infancy here in the United States, other countries have been using these techniques for generations. Green roofs are generally made from plant-based or vegetative materials that are used as the main roof covering. They offer environmentally friendly perks and provide excellent protection and insulation for the homeowner.

Simplifying And Understanding Demolition

Whenever we hear the word demolition the first thing that comes in our mind is that its association with destruction but actually demolition is the process that is undertaken when buildings and other structures are needed to be taken down to build new structures in its place. One simple way of thinking about demolition is that it’s the opposite of construction. For small buildings or house demolition is a very simple process which involves either pulling the structure down or using large machinery to lay waste to the structure.

EPDM Flat Roofing

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