Roofing Shingles Granule Loss Test: Atlas Roofing – Best, IKO Worst

Shingle Comparison | Granule Loss: Atlas Roofing – Best, IKO Worst
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We compared following brands: IKO Roofing (The worst), Atlas Roofing (The best meaning least amount of granules were lost)
Pabco Roofing
Certanteed roofing
GAF building materials didnt participate but were invited
Owens Corning Roofing
Tamko Roofing
Malarky roofing products

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How To Buy Gutters

Gutters are a very important part of a house. It is very hard for a building to survive without proper drainage. There are many types of gutters. Basically continuous rain ones are mostly used in all parts of the world which offer reliable protection and regular painting is not required.

Quality Gutters

A gutter is a very important part of the drainage system of a locality or a city. It is a narrow channel or a depression that diverts the rain water or the unwanted material into a huge storm drain. If they are not constructed, most of the streets and localities would get flooded with water.

Doing Research on Roofing Companies

There is many different roofing companies around but not all of them are qualified to do the work you need done. Here we look at some important pieces of information you should bear in mind as you browse around for the proper roofing contractor for your home.

Precautions That You Must Take For a Trouble-Free Roof During Adverse Weather Conditions

December is the time when your roofs are the most susceptible to damage from snow and storm. It is important to have your roof tested and repaired before the onset of monsoon and snow to ensure that you do not face the situation of roof leaks and damages. Typical roof leaks are a result of loose fittings, missing shingles, tiles and shakes that leads to exposure of the underlayment.

Preventative Maintenance For Your Roof

Your roof needs regular preventative maintenance in order to avoid deterioration. Listed below are a few simple steps for making your roof last.

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